Static Cling Parking Permit Stickers

Static Cling Parking Permits Stickers and Parking Permit Decals


Static cling stickers are very useful for controlling vehicle parking lots, pickup and dropoff areas in schools, colleges, universities, businesses and apartment & condo parking areas.These parking stickers can be made to adhere to either the inside or outside of window glass & windshields depending on how you want to use them.

Full color static cling stickers are a very inexpensive method for controlling parking spaces and can be consecutively numbered for auto identification purposes.

Static Cling Means No Sticky Residue !

Static cling parking stickers do not have any sticky adhesive. They use a static charge to adhere to the window glass or windshield. Our static cling stickers won’t damage car body paint or leave behind any sticky residue like some of our competitors vinyl stickers..

Static Cling Stickers – More Than Just Parking Permits

Our full color stickers have hundreds of applications beyond parking permit stickers.  You can design your own team spirit stickers and sell them as a fundraiser to local businesses where they can proudly display the stickers in their windows to show their support for your school sports team. Parents can also be a great fundraising opportunity to show their support for their children’s teams.

Static Windows Decal Stickers – More Applications

Static window decals can also be used by alarm companies to identify that the premises are protected. Auto repair shops can use static cling window stickers to remind customers when to change their oil. Transparent window stickers can remind visitors to push or pull on glass doors when entering your establishment. The list is endless.

Call us today if you have any application that requires placing window decals on glass windows or windshields.  One of our designers can help you design a great looking windows decal for your needs.


  • A very inexpensive way to control parking spaces.
  • Order as few as 25 Static Cling Stickers starting at $2.00 each.
  • Larger quantities priced as low as 40 cents each.
  • Place inside windshield so they cannot be removed by others.
  • Can be printed in different shapes and sizes.
  • Full color prints and consecutive numbering available at no extra charge.


Static Cling Parking Permit Stickers and Windshield Parking Permit Decals


Quantity Price
25 $2.00 each
50 $1.50 each
100 $1.00 each
150 $0.90 each
200 $0.85 each
250 $0.80 each
300 $0.70 each
400 $0.65 each
500 $0.60 each
600 $0.55 each
700 $0.50 each
800 $0.45 each
900 $0.42 each
1000 $0.40 each
No setup charges for initial design of custom static cling stickers.
Shipping Charge is $10 per order plus 1 cent per sticker

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